As the private investment platform for the Juve Family, Gordon River Partners LLC specializes in providing capital and expertise for privately-owned businesses. We also invest alongside like-minded family offices and with private equity firms in a variety of opportunities.

When partnering with business owners, we are committed to:

Succession Support

Aiming to empower growth and optimize value, we assist businesses and entrepreneurs in realizing their succession plans through capital and strategic advisory support.

Flexible Ownership

Whether minority or majority, we can tailor ownership structures that fit the strategic needs of the businesses we invest in.

Optimal Monetization

For businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to unlock capital, we offer an optimal solution to monetize with continued ownership. This allows you to benefit from certainty associated with current monetization while enjoying the continued upside in the growth of the business.

Aligned Values and Vision

We foster alliances with businesses and entrepreneurs that share parallel values,
which form the bedrock of our
collaborative partnerships.

Transaction Planning

Acquisition of an add-on business? Exit of the business? We have significant merger and acquisitions experience and networks that bring value to both the transaction experience and the optimal exit price. We work collaboratively and transparently with our partners on a joint plan that’s aligned with any transaction.

Gordon River Partners, LLC is:


With integrity and honesty as our guides, we are about being true to ourselves, our values and those we have the privilege to serve.


Rooted by the belief that stability and financial strength form a solid foundation for any business or entrepreneur, we do not take unnecessary risks or invest in those that have a vision in which we do not believe. Due diligence and social responsibility guide every decision we make.


It is never about us. We are not in it for the recognition, admiration or glory. We’re in it because we truly care and enjoy helping entrepreneurs and their businesses.

A Catalyst for You

We believe in the power of an idea. Our role is to help give that idea the fuel it needs to be realized – be it leveraging our industry expertise, strategic advice or capital support, or a combination of the three. Our role is to help businesses and entrepreneurs generate and maintain the momentum they need for a long, sustainable future.